Über uns

hw-engineering GmbH & Co. KG was established in 2007 by Mr. Wellhaeuser is well known in the ID industry since he joined Digital Identification International GmbH (DII) in 2001. He was one of the two main founders of Digital Identification Solutions GmbH (now AG), DISO in 2003. Mr. Wellhaeuser has established his own company hw-engineering GmbH & Co. KG evolving his vast wealth of knowledge and long term experience in the fields of ID card in leading international Blue Chip Companies.

hw-engineering has remained persistently focused on offering the best products at the most competitive prices, concentrating more on strategic expansions that enables the growth of the company while containing overheads, rather than blindly expanding our business presence abroad and making our consumers bear the brunt by having to pay more for less.

We are inherently customer-needs focused and that’s what has helped us carve a very distinctive niche in the global market, our staff are experts since many years, and people from other industries without the “tunnel-view” knowing their wages are only paid by our customers.